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Corinna Arndt
Oxford, UK

Born in Dresden in 1980, Corinna Arndt was politicised at the tender age of nine when East Germans started marching in the streets. With the Berlin Wall out of the way she went to stay in the US, Russia and, eventually, South Africa. She studied Political Science in Dresden and Cape Town specialising in comparative politics, democratisation, and the role of the media in democratic systems.

Having lived in the Cape since 2003 Corinna now covers South Africa as well as the broader Southern African region looking mostly at politics, economic developments and human interest stories. Her ongoing love affair with radio has much to do with that medium's extraordinary potential for colourful features, documentaries and analyses; but she also writes for a number of magazines and newspapers in both German and English. Whatever the medium, her aim is to go beyond the news by offering context and unique insights wherever possible. This includes challenging preconceived ideas, asking uncomfortable questions and calling a spade a spade.

Her clients include the ARD Radio Network in Germany, Deutsche Welle Radio, and the BBC World Service as well as Spiegel Online, Financial Times Deutschland, Die Zeit and Amnesty Journal. In 2007 Corinna Arndt authored the Merian Guidebook „Südafrika“.

In 2008 Medium Magazin featured her in the ‘Top 30 under 30’ most talented young journalists in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In 2009 she won the "European Journalist Award for Excellence in Journalism" as well as the German journalism award "Weltbevölkerung" on population matters and reproductive health.

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Corinna Arndt


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