Danja Antonovic

Belgrade, Serbia

Following the philosophy studies in Frankfurt and languages in Milan, London and Paris, Danja attended journalist traineeship in Vienna at CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) S.E. Europe section, and graduated from Deutsche Journalistenschule (German School of Journalism).
Danja worked as permanent associate of ZDF German Television, preparing TV features from Europe, for example: reporting to "Auslandsjournal" on legal homosexual marriage in Copenhagen, hunger crises in Bulgaria and Albania, director Emir Kusturica or a Muslim singer from Belgrade who was an opera star and performed first 'Lulu' from Alan Berg.

Magazine features have been published in Stern Magazine, Die Zeit & Die Woche. She also reported regularly for radio stations WDR (Cologne), NDR (Hamburg) & SWR (Stuttgart) from Hamburg.
Danja has been situated in Belgrade since 2006 and reports on Serbia and other Balkan countries for all German media - print, radio & TV.