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Ruth Kinet
Berlin, Germany

After having lived in Tel Aviv for five years Ruth moved back to Berlin in november 2012.

Travelling back and forth from Germany to Israel she continues to report about Jewish topics and Israeli affairs for public radio stations and magazines.

In 2019 she established Ruth accompanies people who want to pass on the story of their life.

She holds a PhD in modern history and an MA in philosophy, polical sciences and history.

Born Belgian, educated in Bavaria and being fluent in six languages she always felt European until she discovered that Israel is the home of her heart.

Ruth Kinet

Unser Portfolio präsentiert Auslandsreportagen und Interviews, Nachrichten und Analysen, TV-Beiträge, Kolumnen, Hörfunk-Features und Filme aus den letzten Monaten und Jahren. Qualitätsjournalismus, Wissen und 100 % Auslandskompetenz.
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