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Jogjakarta – Berlin: Analyse, Hintergrund und Reportagen zu Indonesien und Südostasien

Christina Schott
Berlin, Germany

Christina Schott has lived and worked as a freelance journalist in Indonesia and Southeast Asia for 20 years. Ever since she witnessed the overthrow of the Suharto regime in Jakarta in 1998, she has closely followed the political and social developments in the region: She reported about bombs on Bali and volcanic ash in her living room, about Muslim women's rights activists and rebellious artists, about organic farms in Malaysia and villagers in the rainforest fighting against palm oil plantations.

Christina Schott previously graduated from the Henri Nannen School of Journalism and worked as an editor at the weekly magazines Stern and Hörzu. Her articles have been published, among others, in Stern, Zeit, taz, FAZ, Deutsche Welle, and The Jakarta Post. In 2015 her book “Indonesia – A Country Profile” was released, her book “In A Wheelchair To The Orangutans” followed 2018. She is currently taking care of the office of to substitute the manager in parental leave. She also works as a freelance editor for Reporters Without Borders and the Handelsblatt.


Bücher von Christina Schott

Reise und Regenwald: Christina Schott setzt sich in ihren Büchern mit Gesellschaft, Politik und der einzigartigen Natur Indonesiens auseinander.
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