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Roland Hagenberg
Tokyo, Japan

Writer, photographer, video journalist and producer Roland Hagenberg has been living in Tokyo since 1994. He grew up in Vienna and lived many years in New York. His main focus is on art, architecture, film, fashion, travel and design. Roland, born 1955, is also a consultant for foreign TV stations, film directors and publishers coming to Japan.
His reports and essays have been published in German and English print media such as Vogue, Architectural Digest, Stern and GQ. After the devastating earthquake, Roland reported live from Fukushima for N24 and RTL TV.
Roland’s passion is “architecture and its social context”. He has written several books on this topic published in English, Chinese and Japanese. Roland is the initiator of "Raiding Project" with the goal to build small experimental houses by Japanese architects in the rural village or Raiding, birthplace of composer Franz Liszt. The first building designed by Terunobu Fujimori opened in 2012 and is called "Storkhouse". "Silverhouse" was finished in 2017. It serves as Gallery and guest house and was designed by Roland.

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