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Gerd Braune
Ottawa, Canada

Gerd Braune, born in 1954, has been living in Ottawa since 1997. Since then, he has been working in the Canadian capital as a freelance correspondent for several newspapers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg, among them the Handelsblatt, Kölner Stadtanzeiger, Stuttgarter Zeitung, Tagesspiegel, Weser-Kurier, Rheinpfalz, Badische Zeitung, Die Presse/Vienna, Basler Zeitung and Luxemburger Wort.

Gerd Braune reports about a wide variety of Canadian issues, including Canada´s multiculturalism and immigration policy, its natural resources, the economy, the contentious issues of oilsand development and seal hunt, the aboriginal peoples of Canada, and the National Hockey League (NHL).

His special interest is the arctic. He has travelled with an icebreaker through the Northwest Passage, spent time with Inuit artists and hunters, visited an iron ore deposit north of the polar circle, and camped with scientists on Devon Island in the High Arctic, where researchers simulate future landings on Mars. His website presents his articles about the arctic, photos and documents on arctic policies, economic development and science. If you are planning a publication on Arctic issues, Gerd Braune is more than happy to assist you with stories or photos.

Gerd Braune studied Political Sciences and Law at the University of Trier. He joined the news agency Associated Press as a correspondent, with responsibility for the two Bundeslaender Hessen and Rhineland-Palatinate. He later worked as an editor at the news desk of the Frankfurter Rundschau in Frankfurt, before moving to Canada with his family in 1997.



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