Bettina Rühl
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Ost und Westafrika: Analysen, Berichte und Reportagen

Bettina Rühl
Nairobi, Kenya

Bettina Rühl, a freelance journalist since 1988, is focussing on Africa. In April 2011, she moved to Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, and settled on the continent.

She is working for several programmes of the German public radio ARD, for newspapers and news agencies. In recent month and years, she focused on the situation of failing states like Somalia and the DR Congo, on the radical Islam in North Africa and the Sahel, and on the activities of European Companies in Africa: be it the exploitation of uranium in northern Niger, or the production of petroleum in Nigeria.

In recent years, she has also been reporting on the different aspects of migration and the life of refugees in Europe. She also worked on projects run by migrants who have settled in Europe in their countries of origin. As she studied History of Arts before becoming a journalist, she still feels committed to report on cultural issues as well.



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