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Klimaberichterstattung aus dem zweitgrößten Regenwald der Welt

Jonas Gerding
Kinshasa, Democratic Republic Congo

I am a freelance journalist based in Kinshasa, the capital of the DR Congo. I am doing cimate reporting from the Congo Basin, the world's second largest rainforest. I am working with mobile reporting equipment, I have an authorisation from the Ministry of Media and speak French fluently, Interested in collaborating.

Jonas Gerding

Unser Portfolio präsentiert Auslandsreportagen und Interviews, Nachrichten und Analysen, TV-Beiträge, Kolumnen, Hörfunk-Features und Filme aus den letzten Monaten und Jahren. Qualitätsjournalismus, Wissen und 100 % Auslandskompetenz.
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This is happening just a few dozens of kilometers outside Kinshasa. Insecurity is not just an issue in the DRC's east.

Unpopular take: a zero deforestation policy for the DR Congo is neither achievable nor desirable for a rapidly growing population in dire need of development.

Alors, il reste que le Tchad, la Namibie et le Zimbabwe ? 🤔

Dans les taxis, bars et salons de Kinshasa on cite toujours les mots de Sarkozy en 2009 quand il a demandé à la RDC de "partager les richesses". Est-ce que Macron et la France comprennent réellement l'implication de quelques petits phrases dites lors d'une conférence presse ?

Apparently, M23 took Rubaya, a key mining town in Eastern DRC. Within the next few days, you'll very often hear hat it accounts for "80 percent" of global coltan supply/reserves. This is wrong. Michael Nest provided a detailed calculation in his book on Coltan. He concludes:

It's really fascinating how Russia is gaining diplomatic ground in the DR Congo by pretty much doing nothing. No Wagner mercenaries, few arms sales and not much economic and humanitarian support. To win Congolese hearts, you just need to confront the West. Latest @ebuteli poll.