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Barbara Markert
Paris, France

Barbara Markert has been reporting from Paris as a freelance journalist since 2003. In her articles, she looks behind the scenes of the glamorous Parisian luxury industry, explains the difficulties of the fashion and beauty industry on its way to sustainability and illuminates the savoir-vivre of France in all its facets.

Parallel to her business studies in Munich, Barbara Markert graduated from the Catholic journalism school ifp and was then responsible for cultural PR for the publishing house Gruner+Jahr. Her return to journalism led her to the business editorial department of the specialist magazine Textilwirtschaft, where she gained deep insights into the fashion industry. This branch, as well as the beauty industry, has been the focus of her work ever since.

When Glamour was launched in 2001, she took over the fashion and beauty features in addition to heading the department of the sections jobs, technology, cars and travel, and also wrote career and lifestyle topics for the sister magazine Vogue Business. Since 2004, she has been a freelance correspondent for the trade magazine Sportswear International, now renamed The Spin Off. From 2005 to 2007, Markert was correspondent for the art magazine ART. Despite being based in Paris, she also repeatedly collaborates on new German magazine developments, e.g. the magazine Emotion.

Today, her texts appear primarily in women's and lifestyle magazines such as Vogue, Schöner Wohnen or the Supplement S magazine of DER SPIEGEL, as well as in the trade press of the fashion and retail industries.

With her fashion blog, founded in October 2007, Barbara Markert is one of the blogger pioneers in Germany. She left the blog after 10 years to devote herself even more to the topic of sustainability, which has captivated her more and more since 2015. At the end of 2021, the journalist and a colleague founded the vintage and second-hand shop SILO, which operates both a stationary shop in Cologne and an online shop. With this latest project, the fashion expert wants to play an active part in transforming the industry towards the circular economy.


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