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Julia Wäschenbach
Copenhagen, Denmark

In 2013, Julia Wäschenbach came to Denmark as the German news agency dpa’s correspondent for the Nordic countries. One of her first trips led her to Stockholm, where the then US president Barack Obama met with the Swedish Prime Minister. Since, she has interviewed Nobel Prize Laureates, Astrid Lindgrens daughter and Abba star Björn Ulvaeus. Stayed up all night to write about terror attacks and election results. Travelled to the Faroe Islands to observe the solar eclipse and sailed between icebergs in Greenland. Followed the ups and downs in companies like Ikea, Lego, H&M and Volvo. Her texts have appeared in many major German newspapers and online media.

Since 2019, Wäschenbach, who studied journalism in Dortmund and Stockholm, covers the Nordics as a freelance journalist. Besides news stories, she delivers features, interviews and analysis, reporting about everything from politics, economy and society to travels, culture and sports.


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